Firmware V3 and Android 9 for Note Pro

Hello support, we are soon in the middle of November 2020 and there is still no sign of Android 9 or Firmware V3 for Note pro. Both have been promised.
When do you expect a release?

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@claire Any update on this? Will it even happen?

The update to Android 9 of the Note Pro and Nova Pro is looming. Onyx Boox is in “open beta testing”.
Open Beta Testing for Android 9.0 Flash (Available to Note Pro & Nova Pro)
Hi Note Pro & Nova Pro users,

Open Beta Test for Android 9.0 Flashing begins!

We would like to collect general feedback, bug reports and feature request directly from you.

After the closed beta testing, the flashed version here is much more stable and less likely to include major bugs. Before the final release, we could like to invite some volunteers who own Note pro / Nova pro to testing the system upgrade.

How to join the beta test?

** Step1: check the flash tutorial & download the flash package: here (Disabled link. Please visit the Facebook group to access it. See URL to this group below.)

Step2: If any question during the process of flashing, or bug report, please send feedback via Setting> Feedback on your device. Once receiving your feedback, our dev team will try to find the problem, upgrade the software and give a solution, and you will get a reply within 48 hours.

We hope this update helped to improve user experience of Nova pro & Note Pro, and we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for your support & Let’s make a better year in 2021!

Source: facebook Boox fans group

That’s excellent news ! Many customers were desperate to ever get this update. Onyx Boox will most likely keep its word in the end. I have a pro rating. When is the final update to Android 9 scheduled? Will the procedure be the same or will it be done like the other updates via a direct download in the e-reader?

Hello everybody. It’s always a pleasure to read you. While digging through the Onyx Boox FB page, I found this link to an update to Android 9 of the Note pro and Nova pro, in flash mode and at our own risk. This appears to be a successful update and not a beta version with inevitable bugs. It’s strange that Onyx Boox isn’t communicating more about this important update. I have just successfully updated my Note pro to firmware 3.1 and I would be tempted to update my Note pro e-reader (currently running Android 6) to Android 9. Has anyone tried this yet. adventure? With success ? With what difficulties? A big thank you in advance for your responses. I can not put the link. Onyx Boox specifies in fact: “(…) Please do not distribute or download the flashing guide and package on any platform. BOOX official is not responsible for any product malfunction caused by unauthorized flashing.” but I think you will find it quite easily via a search on Facebook or elsewhere!
Update 28/04/21
To get started, I managed to update my husband’s Likebook Mars (Boyue) e-reader to Android 8.1 Like the Onyx Note pro, it was running Android 6. Even reading and watching the tutorials very carefully, I I had to do it twice, without damage. I had left the mini SD card in place as well as the protective cover. I think it was the latter that made my first attempt fail. Who’s next?
I downloaded the software for the upgrade from Android 6 to Android 9 as well as a tutorial, all specific to my Onyx Boox Note pro e-reader. It seems more complex to me than with the Likebook Mars (Boyue) e-reader. Except bad reading on my part, it is not specified in this tutorial whether to insert a needle in the “reset” hole before connecting the usb cable. This “reset” hole is present near the usb port. A video of the builder would be welcome. Boyue had the good idea to provide one to guide us during the system update of the Likebook Mars. I have a feeling that Onyx Boox is doing everything to dissuade us from updating the system.
I am carefully rereading the update guide. I ask you the following questions:
1 / Should the uncompressed “Updater.rar” folder be placed in the root folder of the pc or does it matter little?
2 / In step 11 it is mentioned: “Ensure your BOOX is power-off. Press and hold Back button, then connect it to the Windows 10 PC with an original USB cable to enter Flashing mode.” Is the “back button” the small hole located just next to the mini usb port? When we say: “Press and hold Back button”, it is in fact necessary to insert in this hole a “needle” of reset and to maintain it ”? that I made with our March Likebook (Boyue).