Flip a drawing selection in Notes

I’m new to the drawing interface in the notes app. How can I flip a selection vertically or horizontally? Searching for “flip” in manual didn’t help. Do they call it something else? Thanks.

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I think that the proprietary adaptations to the Android system for this device cripple it beyond remedy. I’ve requested a return for my Max3. I hope others have more success. Over and out.

Because some others may have the same question: Flipping is not possible at the moment. Besides, it is worth a feature request.

This feature isn’t currently supported, to my knowledge, however, it really is sorely needed. Especially with the advent of embedding pictures in notes as of the most recent update, this is gonna be a really basic feature that’s missed.

The most intuitive implementation would just be to allow dragging a selection handle past the opposite selection handle, similar to the following gif in photoshop (but without scaling aspect)