Footnotes in epub and mobi

Neoreader views notes (citations and references etc.) in epub as endnotes.
Is it possible to view notes as footnotes? It is popular standard in academic books and I find it much more convenient.
As a walkaround to read academic papers in mobi/epub I use AlReader which is highly configurable and has that option. But I would prefer to use Onyx default epub viewer which just looks better ;).


Hello Jan, could you kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

Hi Claire, of course. I just did it. Thanks for your help. Best regards, Jan

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Hi, after two major updates notes in epub/mobi format are still viewed by NeoReader as endnotes. There is no option to view them as footnotes. It is really important feature in my work. Notes are crucial in academic writing, sometimes as important as main text. What’s more, after last update endnotes are more difficult to access due to new feature – draw on ebooks. Numbers of notes that are hyperlinks to endnotes are very small. I can’t tap them using finger, so to view them I was using pen. Now I use pen to write on ebooks, so to tap and view endnote I need to disable writing option. It wouldn’t be necessary if notes were viewed as footnotes. It also would be great if footnotes were viewed fully (in doc/docx footnotes are only viewed partially – it should be changed/changeable).