Freezes when wifi is enabled and fails to reboot

I recently upgraded the firmware on my Note (Build # 2019-06-13_12-37_2.1.2_23f6dab) and now whenever wifi is enabled the tablet freezes. Trying to reboot fails repeatedly until I plug it in to the charger, then it works fine both with wifi and without (as long as it is plugged in). Therefore it seems to be related to power consumption, but it happens even with a nearly full battery so I suspect it may have something to do with the way that the new firmware tries to optimize battery use. If I do not turn on wifi I have no trouble using aps like Libby, reading and annotating PDFs, or editing notes. Switching off the “power saving mode” does not help.

Others have posted somewhat similar problems and there has been some discussion related to battery failure. I purchased this tablet in June 2018, so I would have expected the battery to have lasted much longer. Also, I do not think I can rule out some problem with the firmware. However, if it is the battery, what are my options for getting back to normal operation? Is it possible to purchase a battery and replace it myself or do I have to ship it in for service? If it requires shipping, what is the cost and turnaround time (I use it daily for work).

I really love my Boox Note and would be very discouraged if I found out that after spending so much on it that I have to replace the battery every year.

Yuck,another Boox strike down after update,look like low quality Lithium Polymer battery can’t endure churning out power during the update process!

Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Please kindly submit this Service Request Form with all information needed and our relative colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.

Update. I have been in contact with the support team, but have not sent my device back for repair because I have needed it for work. Now that I have a break and could send it, I have learned that it will cost more than $100 CAD plus the cost of the repair to ship it to Hong Kong and back. I could get the shipping costs down to about $80 CAD if I am willing to wait 2 months for shipping, but even that cost just doesn’t make sense for a $7 battery replacement after it appears to have begun failing after only a little more than a year.

I feel really bad about this because I love my Note, but I already paid what others consider a nearly ridiculous price for this and to sink another $100 into it after such a short time is insane. I might start looking around for another device repair shop locally that could replace the battery since I am already passed the warranty period anyway. Either that or spend $15 on a battery pack and keep it plugged in all the time. Not great options…

Hello John, apologize for any inconvenience that has caused. We are working with the Service Center in North America and will try our best to make it available in the near future. That would be more convenient for maintenance service.