FW 2.0 Offline Link NOW AVAILABLE!



can you give link for offline 2.0 FW installation?

Usually I find update here:



Hi, the firmware 2.0 is not released yet. Once it comes out, you could find the update package from our official website. Please stay tuned!


If I change language into Chinese then OTA update is available, why?))


ONYX uses Chines people as alpha testers :wink:


mmhh…so new FW was released…but probably in beta ver…


Press release about beta testing was released on 25 October…read it on medium.com


I find this interesting link:


Hi, today I found that offline FW 2.0 is now available!


New features on KNote like copy/paste a selection and copy whole file are simply amazing!!!
Good job Onyx!!


Elon Musk use twitter, Onyx use facebook to announce!