Getting constantly asked about Google Play services


I just got a new Note Pro, and I’m generally happy about it, thanks!

There are some weird things however. One that’s particularly annoying is that I get warnings in the status bar on top, repeatedly. They are shaped like a little gray triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle, like this: /!\. When i tap on the status bar, it says:

Google Play services requires an action
Please complete action required by Google Play services

When I tap on the notification, it shows me a dialog saying “Device is not Play Protect certified”. Then I tap okay, and the dialog disappears.

But then there are still other notifications, about other apps (“Google Play store”, “ContentBrowser”)… If i tap those nothing happens.

Those notifications come up all the time and they clutter the status bar but otherwise seem fairly harmless… What’s up with those?


I had two such Google’s notifications in the begin, too. The other I could click and handle away, but the Google Play Services -notification simply didn’t react in any way and stayed there (though apparently not affecting anything)…
… until I updated the firmware. Haven’t seen it since, yet everything Google works.

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Same here. Very annoying.
I have a Boox Note Lite though, and Onyx (by means of spokes-woman claire) doesn’t seem willing or able to give any support for it.

Lesson learned.
My next ereader is probably not going to be a product from Onyx.
Potentially great products, but the support is vague and evasive.
“transferred the issue to respective colleagues” is an often encountered copy/paste response here.

But owning and acknowledging the problems their products have, and then fixing them in a professional way doesn’t happen very often.

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To be fair to Onyx, that’s pretty much my experience with any hardware provider whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are probably right when it comes to large manufacturers.

But Onyx is a small player, and it should be able to learn and profit from user feedback.
We are not some bystanders here. We paid good money for their product.

With regards to this forum, they pretend they care, and some employees may put in some effort indeed.
But when push comes to shove, the end result is mainly disappointing.
Similar to helpdesk operators reading some script saying: “yes, we really understand and sympathize that you are not satisfied at this moment, we are really sorry about that”.

To me, that’s Onyx.

Vague responses, vague solutions.
Perhaps I would prefer to be just ignored, than to be communicating with a company/spokesperson who seems just to be pretending to be interested and capable.

I guess that’s where we fundamentally disagree. :slight_smile: I prefer to have a space like this where we can talk to staff and where users can collaborate than nothing at all…

Sure, nice talking to you :wink:

Did it solve our problems though?

Not at all, I’m still frequently swiping away all that junk and it’s pretty annoying. :slight_smile:

I agree with @jistme - polite replies with vague suggestions of attending to so many requests are pretty useless. To top it off, they’re not willing to accept community help wrt fixing bugs by opening up the apps, or with prioritizing issues/features. As I mentioned in another thread, a device will be obsolete by the time you can expect significant changes.

That is true in general, but the original problem of the OP has nothing to do with Onyx. This is a general Android problem, not having all the google infrastructure component at the same level. I had that issue once with my Samsung phone after deleting/downgrading some unused google app. The best support I could expect from the manufacturer (Samsung in this case) would be to have a factory reset (not much a help!).
So to fix this issue you should check and carefully update them all from google play store.

for the record, this problem stopped somehow since the last firmware upgrade.

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Have the same problem with boox note 2.
I have the last firmware upgrade.

Please kindly activate the Google Play with the instruction from If this problem still exists, could you kindly submit this on feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? Many thanks in advance.