Google Play Activation


I have followed directions for Google Play activation on my new Max3 and the Device ID does seem to be registered. However, I am still told “Device Not Certified by Google” when I try to start Play Store. I have waited 24 hours and turned off the machine, trying many times to get into the play store.

Is there something I should try? I was thinking about a factory reset, but I would like to know if there is anything less drastic I could try first.

Thank you.


Hello, please tap Google Play. If there is any update of Google Play service, please let it get updated at first. Then reboot the device and try to log in the Google Play again. If that still fails, please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our relative colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.


I just received my Max3 yesterday.

I am having the exact same issue.


And submitting feedback in the manner you suggest results in a “Network or server error”.

The network is fine…


Thank you for your very prompt reply, Claire.

I tried as you suggested, but the app doesn’t go into update mode, but only tells me that the device is not certified. I cannot figure out how to force an update.

I have sent a note through Feedback and will wait to hear back.

Again, thank you.



This is the message I received from Feedback. It is not helpful at all. Are there other things I can try? Thank you, Jon.

after you get the GSF ID and get the register succeeded info , just wait for google’s feedback, sometimes it need about 10 mins , but some time maybe several hours , it depends on google serve .

you can restart the device 10 mins later after register succeeded and try login again .


Could you kindly update to the latest firmware first by toing to Settings/ Firmware Update? If the feedback function still fails, please kindly provide the screenshot of the error message and the version number (found at Settings) to us.


Could you kindly update to the latest firmware first by toing to Settings/ Firmware Update?


It is the latest firmware available (2019-09-06_18-10_2.2.1_2646f23).

I managed to upload a new version of Play Store apk from the web. That has finally given me access. However, as another person on this forum confirms, Play Store crashes continually. I have managed to download several apps but after every successful download it is no longer possible to use Play Store until Play Store apk is loaded again. I do have the very latest version of Play Store installed. There is, I think, a bug in the firmware.


Please kindly submit this bug via Settings/ Feedback when this bug happen again. Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible. Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.


I have exactly the same issue. Already filed a feedback via Max3. Thanks!