Google Play not authorised


I just received my new Note+ today, but I find problem when I tried to click into the google play apps, it pop up with page “this device haven’t beed authorised”, I had download the latest firmware and installed already it still not working, please enlighten me what should I do to make it work properly?



It looks like no more Google Play. But how was your experience updating the latest firmware?


This works on my Note+:

  1. Follow the instructions here

  2. Enable Play service in Setting

  3. Reboot the device and wait a few minutes and try accessing Play store again.


Done, it works, thanks a lot


Actually, it is pretty simple.
Step 1:
Install the app “Device ID” to your device by below link.
Open it and find out the GSF.

Step 2:
Go to Google webpage for device registration.
Enter your GSF, and done the registration.

Step 3:
Reboot your device and go to Google Play once again. Congratulations. Problem’s gone now.