Heating and Warranty Claim

Hello Onyx BOOX help team and fellow BOOX users,

I would need some help: I got a Nova Plus 4 1/2 months ago. There’s an issue with it getting quite hot when I use it for writing (with Bluetooth keyboard), using WPS office, Word, Google Docs or other word processors (usually WIFI off). There’s no built in thermometer, but I estimate it goes above 50°C. Similarly when using browsers it tends to get very hot rather quickly and stays so. I’ve tried many browsers, but even with the built in one and ones that other BOOX users have suggested here on this site (Brave, Kiwi) it gets quite hot. Therefore I don’t feel comfortable using it for writing and browsing as I had intended to. Reading e-books with Neoreader is no problem, PDFs can make it warm.

I haven’t noticed heating like this with any other Android device with this kind of light use. (I don’t even intend to use the Nova for videos or games.) As the heating is centered in the lower region just above the edge and stronger at the back I think it might be a problem connected to the battery. Battery drain is normal when reading e-books, Accubattery shows me that it uses a bit more than my Galaxy Tablet with similar use when using third party apps. Now as I’m typing with Bluetooth keyboard (WIFI off) it’s pretty fast, maybe 0.5 to 1% per minute.

Furthermore, it tends to freeze often in recent days (which unfortunately doesn’t solve the heating issues). A reboot or two usually solve this, but it takes some patience when that happens a few times a day.

I’ve contacted the seller, BOOX Malaysia (supposed to be an official BOOX shop), and on agreement sent the device for warranty repair or replacement. The seller first responded that there was nothing wrong with it. I got the impression that he was not very familiar with the device and how it’s supposed to work, he even told me weird things like that I wouldn’t need third party apps, Neoreader was enough, that I shouldn’t read online or use free apps. After some communication he also noticed heating. He later told me that he had given the device a health check and an optimization and that now it worked fine, especially with Bluetooth off, and he sent it back to me.

Unfortunately the problem isn’t solved. The exchanges with the seller took a long time, and he seemed very unwilling to send the device for service. Therefore I don’t think that sending the Nova Plus back and forth again would make any sense.

Could I send the device for service directly to the manufacturer, Onyx BOOX in China? I still have the warranty card and invoice. In this way I may have some extra expenses for mailing, but I might actually get it fixed.

I’d like to ask for feedback from other Nova users too. Do you have similar experiences with strong heating at moderate use? Is it possible that this is normal? If not, that would give me a good argument to get it fixed.

This is a really nice reader and I would be so grateful if you could help me get it working properly.

Thanks a lot.

Hello, sorry for the late reply here.

Could you pls submit this Service Request Form with all info needed if the frozen problem still exists?

Our team will reply back as soon as possible about the heating and frozen problem.

Hello Claire,

Thank you for the reply. The problem I’m facing with the service request form is that it directs me to contacting the seller (BOOX Malaysia) and they did not help me.

Now I would like to send the device to BOOX in China directly for checking and fixing, if possible. I wouldn’t mind the extra expenses for shipping to China because this way I might actually get it fixed.

Please let me know if this works.

Thanks and have a nice day! And a happy new year :relaxed:! (Assuming that you are in China.)

Sorry for the late reply here. Yes, you could send it to China to further check if you would bear the shipping fees. You could contact the seller or the service request form to do that. :grinning:

Thanks for the reply.

I had already given up on this, I had other things to attend to in life.

Now I am planning to go to Europe soon and stay there for longer and it may not be possible to send the device to China and get it back before leaving.

Do you have a service center in Europe? Will they accept my warranty claim even though I bought in Asia? (I still have invoice and warranty card.)

Thanks and kind regards.

Yes, we do have a service center in Europe and the shipping fee will be much cheaper. Please kindly send an email to service@onyx-international.com about this and our colleague will reply back asap.