Highlighting text accuracy


please improve the marker accuracy and responsiveness when selecting the desired text, since it is very unreliable and laggy. Also, please add the feature to jump to next page (Kindle has this feature and it is very responsive).


Could you kindly further clarify this? Do you mean that we shall add the feature of jumping to next page during highlight mode?


Yes, I also notice that!
When you are highlighting (pressing with your finger or stick) and you reach the last word in the page, but the sentence continue in the next page. How to reach the end of the sentence?
You can not. You should take two “broken” notes.
As you say Kindle (I also have a Kindle) automatically switch to the next page and let you continuing highlighting.
Hope you fix that.


this is exactly what I refer, very accurate description :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your detailed description here. :grinning: We will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up.