How do I read a PDF via evernote?


Hi, I use Evernote to organize my sheet music – some of it is in the form of PDF and evernote syncs this without a problem on other devices.
But on the Boox Note pro, in Evernote I can see a button for the PDF, and there are a bunch of icons within the button. I see an Adobe PDF icon, an “open in new window” icon, and three tiny dots. When I click the dots I see “Annote, View, Copy, Remove, Download.”
When I click “view” it just kind of sputters and does nothing. When click “annotate” then I can see the PDF, but I don’t want to annotate it, just to view.
How do I make the PDFs viewable? Thanks.



I too use Evernote on my Note Pro.
Simply open Evernote, finde the note containing the attachment.
Touch and hold on the pdf file.
A little menu appears beneath the file.
Chose Download

Now you can open the pdf from the download folder. It should also pop up in the Neo Reader library if you do a refresh