How long will Onyx provide udates for the Boox Max 2?


Dear Claire.

the Boox Note is a very nice device. But I noticed that it’s to small for my needs and I’m thinking of buying a Boox Max 2.

How long will Onyx provide udates for the Boox Max 2? Will there still be updates for the Boox Max 2 when the next 13.3" model will be introduced?

Why this is important

There are still features missing and there are also still some bugs - as the discussion on this forum shows. I can accept these bugs for the moment when I know theses issues will be resolved in the future.

But I’m afraid that these Bugs might not be resolved until the Boox Max 2 is discontinued and that it would be better to wait for the next 13.3" model. Onyx stopped debugging updates for models like the Max Carta when new models were introduced. Probably a successor to the Boox Max 2 will be introduced at the end of year.

Companies like Apple and Samsung continue to provide upates for older models for some years. What are the plans of Onyx about updates?

Will Onyx at least the keep the core apps Neo Reader and Notes updated?


I would like to hear what Onyx says to this question. I’m not sure if they have plans for a different 13.3" tablet but there is somewhat of a similar question on the Onyx Facebook page about updating the Android version as models get older. Are there plans to go to android 7.0 down the road and if so are the Max2s capable of being updated to a version 7 and would Onyx do that or require users to buy a newer model? I think it is a fair question to ask. I have an old Mac Mini and eventually the hardware wouldn’t support the newer operating systems like the current 12.3.1 so you have to bite the bullet and get a newer version of the Mac Mini to be using the most current iOS.


Dear, thank you for your support to Onyx Boox all the time.

As we have replied back on Facebook page, although we cannot promise to maintain the updates for our devices for whole life, we’ll try to do our best to make their life longer. Thank you.