How to customized the screensaver exactly?

Is there anybody can tell me how to change the screensaver?

Yes,please follow the next steps:
1 open the folder where the picture located.
2 click the picture last more than a 2s .

3 choose “set as screen saver”

4 select the sequence and click “ok”

I’ve reset the images for the screensaver on the Max Pro2 but they all display horizontally, facing left, instead of in portrait mode as the picture is oriented. How can I change the setting so that the rotation is correct?

You need to cut your picture to exact size 1200 (W) by 1600 (H).

what happens if you don’t give the right size?

does it stretch the picture until it fits both limits?
does it stretch the picture until it fits one limit?
does it show the image in it’s size (or a portion of it if the image is too large)?
does it not let you pick the image?
does it fail to show anything?

It will stretch the picture and/or give you wrong orientation.