How to default the stylus to constantly keep highlighting in the note app


The note app is a great! The stylus is defaulted to use the pencil or the brush in scribble.
It is possible to highlight the text in note app. However it is tedious. You have to long press on a word, then the menu opens, you select highlight; then you choose the length of your highlight. In contrast most annotators now available allow the stylus to be defulated to be highlighter. I would like to see that feature in note app ! It’s easy to build in the current software.


I agree using the stylus as a highlighter would be nice, but using your finger isn’t too painful. You long press and drag with your finger from where you want the highlight to start to the end of the region.


I think it becomes painful when you have a lot to highlight , for example when you are reading a text book. Hope onyx comes up with a solution soon.