How to synch notes to onedrive

so i have a max 2 series, its soo good and i really enjoy using it, but i have a problem, i cant seem to be able to sync my notes to onedrive, is it even possible?

In short: At the moment you can’t. The best available option is Dropbox for the moment. It’s the most reliable, fastest and securest way of synching your notes.

Technically your notes stored into a proprietary binary file with .db extension and those cannot be opened with another app then the Notes app of Boox. When you sync your notes to Dropbox for example, a temporary copy of the notes will be created within the note folder of your storage. But this is only an export folder that does not follow your notes structure. Synching this one is futile.

So I suggest using Dropbox for the moment. Maybe they will add Google Drive, OneDrive etc. in the future.

kinda sucks i cant use onedrive, but thank you nonetheless

Technically you can do this with third party apps. If you activate synching to Dropbox, then you could sync your files with the third party app DropSync back to your device in any folder you like. With OneSync (both apps are from the developer MetaCtrl) you could sync this folder then back to OneDrive from your local device.

But to be honest, I wouldn’t do this. DropSync and OneSync draining a lot of battery in autosync mode (I disabled it for Dropsync and sync manually, if I need to) and you would still need Dropbox anyway.