Huge bug for pdf annotations!


I found my pdf annotations mismatch so I did a simple test which surprising me: some of the pdf annotations lost when I copy the pdf to my MacBook !!! I bought this Nova pro for pdf annotations… now I can see my pdf annotations on my MacBook! How can fix this? I tried many books the results are the same it’s definitely the software bug!


Hello, we are really sorry about that problem. Could you kindly provide the build number of your device to us? (Find at Settings/ About Device) At the same time, please submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback when this bug happen again.


Already emailed with your tech support. They told me to try another software on macos, your pdf annotations feature seems not working with macos’s default preview. As a boox user, I have to deal with this compatibility issue by myself??? Bad luck for macos users, I’m disappointed.