I cannot unlock my device after using Find My Device



I have an Onyx Boox Max2. Accidentally I locked my Onyx Boox Max2 instead of my lost phone using Find My Device from Google. I don’t remember the password I set when I locked my Max2. My Max2 locked when I use it and keep asking me about pin code. I tried all possible pin codes that I used one day. I gave up. I am even not sure if I set a pin code but it keeps asking me to enter it. I have access to my google account. I can see my Max2 listed with my other devices. But I cannot change the pin code.

I don’t know what to do. Please help me. I have notes and pdf files with annotations and I don’t want to lose them. I don’t know how to access my files since it locked!.

There is an option from Google to erase all content from the device, but I don’t know if after this option I can access my Max2 and use it as a new device. This is in case if I gave up to save my files.

Please help me…
Thanks in advance


Hi, temporarily no password retrieve from Onyx.
Please try to restore the factory default settings as below:

  1. Switch off the device firstly.
  2. Keep pressing the “back” button and plug the device in the power source.(Please do not connect to the computer) When the light shines blue, stop pressing the button. Then the device will go into recovery mode.
  3. Press the page button to choose “wipe data\factory reset” and press the power button to execute. Then choose “Yes” and press the power button again to restore factory default.

Please notice that all the personal data will be deleted after restoring the factory default, included the personal files.