I cant reset my boox note 2

Hi !
I am at a stupid dead end : I recently bought an Onyx Boox Note 2 , and set a PIN lock when trying the settings. It’s been a few days before I had time to come back to it, and now I cannot find the right PIN again.

It seems that my only option is to reset it. Fortunately, I have not had time to store anything important on it. Problem : I cannot find the right procedure to reset it.

I have done a factory reset to my Onyx Note 2 a couple of days ago. I did it this way:

  1. Turn off the device by holding the power button (top)
  2. Plug in your Onyx to a charger
  3. Hold power and back button (bottom) at the same time
  4. Press the back button to choose “wipe data\factory reset” and the power button to execute the reset

Kind regards

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