I have problem on max2

i am user of max2.
i wrote for more than 2 hours on my pdf files.
but when i exported my hand writing, it turned 180’.
i attatched photos.

one is before export.
one is exporting.
one is after export.

i think somebody can help me.
how should i export it ?

this is before export.

this is exporting.

this is after export.

Hi Dae, this problem might appear for some special processed PDF files, the occurrence rate of this problem is low. We suggest you export the hand writing note into PNG to avoid the rotation. We will try to solve this problem asap. Please don’t worry.

the problem happens because of pdf process, i agree.

it is caused on only scanned pdf files.

but i think it is bug. my hadwriting and pdf files were not exported like i see.

only handwriting is exported 180 degree turned.

you suggest how to solve the problem. but it is so uneasy.

i export it, and change exported page with orginal pdf files.

because PNG exporting exports only handwritten pages.

please solve this problem quickly and i want you to know one more problem.

after handwriting on my max2, i exported my pdf file on my computer.

i can not print my handwriting with printer.

pdf files are printed without handwriting.

i am using pdf professional. and i handled all setting but i can not…