Improvement: Highlight document with pen button like DPT-S1?


Hello Claire,

I really was impressed by the improvements that the firmware update 2.1.1 introduced. It is a much better and smoother workflow for academic and professional use!

To improve the workflow even further I’d like to suggest a feature of Sony’s DPT-S1:
Here the pen also has only one button, like the Boox Max 2 or the Boox Note. On the Sony DPT-S1 it is possible to switch the function of the button between

  • eraser function,
  • highlight function and
  • no function.

Do you plan to implement a similar option?


It makes the workflow even better:To highlight quickly using the pen button would be very useful for academics who highlight a lot (and don’t need the eraser very often).

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,


Hello Tomat, thank you for your kind suggestions. We will forward this request to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Hello Claire.
Thank you very much!