Innovative Firmware 2.0 Upgrade

Here comes a sneak peek at what’s going to happen on your Boox! To meet the users’ expectations, Onyx Boox keeps improving with the best effort all the time. The firmware 2.0 is a fairly innovative upgrade with a variety of new functionalities including new UI, book store, 30% speed increase of opening PDF files, double pages reading, handwriting search & edit, bluetooth keyboard input on notes, App management & optimization.


Will it be possible to move pages in Note?

There’s no such function for now.

As far as I understand you will be able to cut&paste parts of the drawing. Most probably that mean you can cut the content of the whole page, insert a blank page at the new place, paste the content, and finally delete the now blank old page.
Not an ideal solution, but at least something.

I would be happy with any method to organize my notes right now.

Feedback just from this video,
How about simply “Apps” instead of “Appli-cations”?
Menu would look a lot more tidy with each in one line

I hope this upgrade will make the start-up faster. The Max2 hardware is great, but it’s taking too long to start the machine.

Looking pretty good, thanks for the update! (when is it coming btw?)

So if I understand correctly, there will be an OCR function too (the text-searching function would seem to imply something like that)
Will this function also support transforming handwriting into editable computer-text?

A couple little requests for Note:
1- layers
2- “save as,” (it gets complicated saving drafts and “versions” of the same base drawing)

thanks a lot in making Boox better and better!

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If it will be possible to type in the Note app, it will be great to type in Sidenotes mode as well…
Thank you!

The 2.0 firmware is also expected to Onyx Boox Nova?

Unfortunately it is not the case. You can copy and paste on one page, but you have to leave the copy mode in order to turn page, and the copy buffer is lost when you leave, so it is not available to paste on the other page.
What a disappointment!

Why would you want the ability to copy inside a single page? You could just redraw the information. I want the possibility to rearrange pages and and copy between pages!

It’s very useful to be able to move or copy sections of your notes inside a page, e.g. if you want to rearrange a list or insert something in a location where there is already writing.
However, I agree with your request to rearrange pages, that is also a useful function.

You can redraw your pages as well!

Just to be clear: I would like to rearrange inside a page and between pages as well.
And rearrange whole pages too.
Once it just happened to me, that pressed the “add new page” on a wrong page, and noticed too late (when I’ve drawn a significant amount of the new page). I’ve ended up with a note with intermixed pages. It is a shame, but I had to rearrange the pdf export file using the pdfcat utility. But my original note is still intermixed. too bad.