Is it possible for having "Cloud" or "synchronization" system for boox

I would like to ask other Boox user’s opinion and Boox’s developers that is it better if we have cloud system or application for synchronizing our files between PC, smart phone and Boox’s device as other ereader brands (Kindle, Kobo, nook) can do.

Personally, I always find and save literatures using PC then I need to transfers the files by bluetooth or USB cable to boox. If I don’t stay with my PC, I cannot have the literature for sure. How can wee make the file transfer more convenience. I guess cloud is the good choice. How about your opinion?

I personally use the Dropbox free account and it works great for me. I can also disconnect the wifi on the Max2, edit a document offline, and when the wifi is turned on again, the file gets synchronized with other devices (PC, mobile phone, etc.).

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I also have set up Dropbox on my Max2 like peter68 but if I am not mistaken this only syncs Notes, it will not sync Scribbles I do on a PDF correct? And I am also not able to add something to the Dropbox account (knote folder created by Max2) and have it appear on my Max2. In order to get things to my Max2 I have to either use wifi transfer, bluetooth, or connect via the USB and transfer files from PC to Max2.


I understand what you mean. Install dropsync. It is a free app that syncs any folder in your dropbox simultaneously and saves you from the burden of having to upload to dropbox after each and every scribble on pdf documents.