Is there any chance that some of the Boox software could be open sourced?


@claire do you know if Boox will consider open-sourcing the source code to the some of the apps that come with the readers (e.g. Notes, Neo Reader, Onyx keyboard, etc.)? Like others, I’ve paid quite a lot for my device and I would like to make it as good as it can be by helping to fix some of the existing issues with the built-in applications as well as by adding new features.

Based on the threads here and at MobileRead, at the relatively slow rate new firmware is released to address user requests or to fix bugs, a device can become obsolete before it functions reliably in every way. Please forward this request to the Boox software developers and note that other people have indicated a desire to help.

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Actually, the source code of some Apps is available on Github. Please kindly check. Later, we will create more category for the specific subjects.


@claire, other than the Android demo and SDK all the other projects on GitHub are very old (7 years) and none are for the applications that come with the current devices. I specifically asked about open sourcing the Notes app and Neo Reader because these are likely the most used applications and improvement to these would benefit everyone.

I’m not sure why there can’t be a clear answer to my question by Boox, even if in the negative. Just tell us clearly, something like “We do not want to make our applications open sourced since we are afraid of our intellectual property being copied. We appreciate the community’s offer to help with improvements to the most important and widely used applications, but we will restrict enhancements and bug-fixing to only what we can deliver.” We would at least know where things stand with respect to how you see the user community.

The answer you gave me evades the actual answer I am seeking. I hope your R&D group and management realize that their ability to meet the demands for enhancements and fixes to Boox applications is limited, when it doesn’t need to be. Also, the priority Boox places on what feature/bug gets attention first doesn’t necessarily match the expectation of many users. At the very least, Boox should have an open backlog of work that the community can vote on in order to influence priority.


I guess Onyx’s biggest concern is that their software is a little bit better than Boyue’s and so why wouldn’t Boyue (and a thousand other clones) just adopt this ‘open source’ instead. They could, in theory, restrict that through a non-permissive open source license which only allows for derivative works to be used on an Onyx device.

However since China actively encourages software piracy and IP theft and Onyx themselves don’t respect software license obligations (e.g. GPL) there’s probably no protection for them.


Very good point this one too…


I totally agree and support this request. I asked them very strongly to open source “something” just to see what the community can do. But @azw409 is right.


Hello, sorry for the late reply here.

Kind support from Boox users, like you and others, are highly appreciated. We do understand that many improvements will be made on our devices and bug-fixing will be more efficient with your support.

We have talked with the R&D team about what have been listed on GitHub and the continue request for open source yesterday. We could not make all of our software open source now for many reasons. Hope you could understand that.