IvyCAD: 2D CAD application running on Max2

Hello Max2 users (and I guess Max3 and other product lines too)
I’ve been using Max2 for a few years now and really really love it, actually, I enjoy it so much that I try to accomplish all of the tasks I can on this device, it is SO versatile!

…long story short: I was looking for a quick tool to “trace” software-useable vector line paths over bitmap images AND doing it over the sofa in the evening :slight_smile:
so I made up this application to allow me doing so on the BOOX,
the goal was to make this application as quick, intuitive and handy as I could,
and while coding I kept adding more features to make it more complete and powerful, it’s now almost a (very basic) 2D CAD that is “usable enough” on the Max2.
It natively saves in DXF format so in case you are an architect and need to import it in 3D packages, you should be able to.

The package below contains both the Windows version (mostly for evaluation purposes) and the Android version you can load on the Boox device, plus a very quick documentation PDF:

It doesn’t have the kind of quick response the “Note” app has when using the stylus, still, I found it usable enough to plot down what I needed, see example screenshot:

The fact the app is tagged “free” means it’s free for commercial and non-commercial use, and it also means there’s chance for a future paid version with many more features for a very small fee, but it depends on the interest it might eventually gather and my available time (and my migraines :D)

Thank you for your attention and sorry in advance in case this is considered advertisement (so far it’s all free though - and paid one could never come XD) - feel free to remove the post in case!

Also, last note: I have coded some other tools specific for Boox, most notably a “writing” application using most of the screen for a big and comfortable to touch (and customizable) keyboard, so in case someone is interested I can consider putting it in better shape for distribution.

All the best, and enjoy your Boox!

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This is great, @schrodinger! Thanks for putting this out. Would you mind joining a Discord server at https://discord.gg/VVjBM3 ? @mePy2 created this and it would be a good place to chat about Boox development in general.

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Ahh thanks HammockTime, sorry for some reason I didn’t receive notifications on this thread so I missed your reply. Very kind of you, and thanks a lot for the invitation too!
It would be great, but my online presence is very rarefied lately so I’d likely bring little contribution to the discussion :frowning:
Thanks again, anyway, and hopefully I’ll join in better times!