Japanese display improvements


Dear all

Japanese reading experience is lacking several features at the moment

  • Top to bottom, right to left text direction, which is supported in epub3 with css properties
  • The wrong font is used: as with all Android devices till Android version 7, the default font in use is a Chinese font, which means that the kanjis are not displayed correctly for Japanese (see the “Kanji Fix” application on the Play Store). It would be nice if the reason application would allow to select fonts explicitly by side loading Japanese fonts
  • Furigana, already mentioned in a different post

Thanks for your consideration. If you need examples or screenshots I’m happy to provide them.



Dear Norbert,
Thank you for your kind suggestion, I will forward it to our technical department.


Is there any progress i this area? I have seen the recent firmware update, but not much changes in this area? Thanks a lot



I have found the Moon+ Reader app to handle Japanese quite well (just be aware that it arranges any Japanese text horizontally instead of vertically). It is the one reading app which seems to handle furigana correctly.

As for fonts, you can sideload fonts into the font folder in your ereader and then select whichever font you want from the visual settings menu in Moon+ Reader.