Kindle app page turn unusable on Note Pro


On a Note Pro:

Any attempt to page turn does two things:
A. It shifts the page out of position
B. It turns the page in direction you turned it previously. So going back one page requires 3 back taps.

Setting the Animation Timeout does nothing, but A2 solves the delayed response issue, although there’s a few frames of page turning every turn.

This is my first Note so I don’t know if this is known or expected.

Anyone else have experience with this?


I found that uninstalling the Kindle app (assuming this is from the play store), and using the one from the Onyx E-ink App store solved these issues. Make sure to turn off automatic updates on the Google play store otherwise you’ll have the same problem.


Interesting. I actually haven’t tried the play store version.

And were the issues the same or just general Kindle usability issues?