KOBO eReader on Max3


Hi, Has anyone tried the KOBO eReader on Max3? I find issues with scaling to fit the page. No problem on Max2.


Ho lo stesso problema.
Non c’è il menu per ottimizzare le app e non si riesce a ridimensionare.
Qualcuno puo’ aiutarci?


Could you kindly try to optimize the App first via Navigation Ball-Optimization? If that does not fix the problem, please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device.


Fantastico!!! Risolto…Grazie mille


Have found that the Optimisation DPI needs to be 211 or less for the KOBO app. Font size can then be increased within the app to get a display that is comfortable on the eyes.
With 211 dpi, text doesn’t overflow the right margin.
Thanks to all at BOOX.