Latest v2 firmware broke Kindle page turning


Since updating to the latest firmware (2018-11-30_15-14_2.0_babe727) page turning on Kindle has stopped working.

To be more accurate, touching either side of a page does not make the screen refresh with a new page. However, if I then touch the centre of the screen to bring up the page carousel it opens on the new page!

Something clearly got broken in the last update - shouldn’t be difficult to fix.

I am on the latest Play Store version of Kindle ( & it worked perfectly until the Boox firmware update.


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Okay, I think I’ve found the fix:

  • Long press on the Kindle icon in Apps
  • Select ‘Optimize’
  • Check ‘Use Regal Refresh Mode’ to turn it on

Not sure why this has to be done now and I can’t find an explanation of what ‘regal refresh mode’ is so I’m not sure if this is the correct - or a permanent - fix.

(Another niggle - why do we still have an icon in the status bar to change what the ‘button’ does (page turn or volume) when the Note does not have the button!? Surely this should be fixed in v2 of the firmware?)


I doubt that anyone will read this, but I have just been told by Onyx support that the proper way to get the Kindle reader app to do page turning is to:

  • Long press on the Kindle icon in Apps
  • Select ‘Optimize’
  • Set the Animation Timeout to 300.

It would be very helpful if these recommended configurations were more easily findable than just coming across them in the forums!



Hi Richard, thank you for your valuable advice. And we will collect these frequently asked questions together and post it in the forum for a quick search.

Richardm: I read it, and it works! Thank You!
“Animation Timeout = 300”
NOT using Regal mode
NOT using the A2 mode.
Kindle for Android (from Onyx App Store)
Page flip, refresh work, there is no ghosting, and everything looks sharp.

Nova Pro with Android 6.0.1
Neo Reader 2.0

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the kindle app from google started working again a couple weeks ago (max)

Thank you @richardm!
Boox, please user-test your updates before releasing! So much frustration arising from a simple oversight.

Thank you for your kind suggestion here. Will do beta testing before firmware release. Apologize again for any inconvenience that has caused.

Totally read this :slight_smile: I was having the same exact problem. Glad to know I wasn’t alone and someone found help already. Thanks!