LIbrary Options - search by author? metadata? Read Record?


Build number:

Page 51 of 93 of the NoteP-user-manual.pdf states:

Pop up library menu by tapping the Menu icon on the top right. Menu includes options of Sort by, Filter, multi-selection mode and Read Record, Scan for metadata, Rebuild Library and Create Sub-Library.

I can only find “Filter and Sort”, and “Rebuild Library”. I cannot find “Scan for metadata”.

I was hoping to be able to have the BOOX NOTE search the PDF for metadata “AUTHOR” so that searching the device I could find this book for instance by typing: “Ballentyne” or “Ballent” but currently my search yields nothing. :cry::sob:

You can see below that the PDF when open in Adobe Acrobat, under “Document Properties” I have filled in the fields:

TITLE: The lighthouse
AUTHOR: Robert Michael Ballentyne


I have a 8 year old iRiver Story HD reader that handled these fields which allowed us to look thru hundreds of books by AUTHOR. I am REALLY hoping the Onyx Boox Note can do this!