Line on screen does not vanish

hej all and claire,
on the top on the left there is a vertical line on the screen. and it does not vanish again, also not when I use the eraser - it appears in all functionings, apps. The screen (glass) is NOT broken so it has something to do with the ink, seems to be a frozen line n grey.
What am I to do?


Hello Dirk, in this case, please kindly fill in this request form with all information needed and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

I’ve a similar issue with my device (Boox Note):

I’ve bought it in May 2018 from in Germany and so I’ve sent them the device more than a week ago after they told me so. But since then I haven’t heard anything from them and they don’t answer my e-mails.

Could you kindly send your email address to us via They will reply back as soon as possible.

in my case it is different. The stripe (Streifen) looks more like a very thin one carried out with the pencil, and goes from from the left corner down (senkrecht). It looks more like there is something wrong with the ink-technique. But it is not (YET) problematic, I can use (still) the device. The problem is that I do not know if this is just the beginning or it will stay like this.

Best wishes

With my device, it also started with just one thin line (the one at the bottom). But it continually got worse and especially the big line in the middle made reading almost impossible.

Hello Drik, please kindly submit all information needed in this Service Request Form. Our colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.