Locks and passwords


I posted a set of suggestions back in February that I feel would improve the Max2’s functionality.

The one that really must be implemented and would have no impact on the device are security settings specifically locking the device.

Screen Lock (Swipe, Pattern, PIN or Password)
Automatic lock

This is a standard and core Android setting in the Security section and I am baffled that it has been intentionally removed in the Max2.

Without this basic level of security, no corporate organisation would ever comfortably adopt the device. I am uncomfortable as it means that if I lose of mislay the device any person who picks up the device can have access to my content, email, web history etc.

In todays world, not acceptable


Hi, thank you very much for your suggestion. Our software team is working on this feature. It will be released soon. Please stay tuned.

Pin code screen lock

Will this be available on the Note as well?


Hi, yes, this will be available on our 10.3" Note as well.


Thank you for the good news :slight_smile:


Hi, can please check if the screen lock is already implemented for the 10.3 note if we buy it from amazon? thanks

Tell us what you like and what you do not like about the new version software

There has been some time and much interest in being able to lock the device. It’s probably no more than 20 lines of code have we come up with anything since?

Last response was in May have you gotten closer to a solution.


The IT department in my company are not provisioning my Max2 because of the lack of locking mechanism :frowning:
Will it become available any time soon?

You said you are working on ia solution 3 months ago.


Ok last email you said that it would be out sometime next month is this correct and when can we expect to see this implementation?


Hi guys. Not a whole solution but you can pass code lock the dropbox app on Android. At least there is somewhere to keep sensitive docs, personally that’s where I store all my business and personal stuff.


That is not good enough. I would have initiated a class action about this issue by now, but it is a foreign company and so there are way more hoops to jump through. However if by chance some one does I will definitely be signing my name to it as it has been entirely too long to implement this feature.


Update: my previous suggestion doesn’t work anyway; once you open the file it stays readable in the library. Also tried installing a third party pin lock but doesn’t work on reboot. Bummer


I would have initiated a class action about this issue by now

Since when implementing features is compulsory?


What is a Defective Product?

Any product that malfunctions, while being used for the purpose it is intended, is considered a defective product. If using the defective product results in a consumer injury, the product is considered unreasonably dangerous.

Defective product lawsuits are brought under state laws, and depending on the state, a defective product lawsuit may allege negligence, strict liability or a breach of warranty as to the defective product.

There are three different types of defects that can lead to consumer injury:

  1. Design Defect – This is a flaw in the product before it is even manufactured
  2. Manufacturing Defect – This flaw occurs after the design and before market introduction
  3. Marketing Defects – This flaw a flaw in the advertising or labeling of the product. It could have anything to do with misinformation; from instructions, product purpose, warning labels, etc.

When you Advertise that a platform runs on Android 6.0, users can reasonably expect that it has the capabilities of that system. Being able to lock and encrypt are integral parts of Android period. So when you disable everything and don’t inform the public that I would say is a marketing defect. Bait and switch. It’s like having a car but the left blinker inherently doesn’t work.

You can pick from several of these reasons above to pin the non-locking on in an age of computer and identity theft, I would say that it is a pretty big flaw.

It’s like not being able to lock your car, your house, your store. If you couldn’t lock your car how could you get car insurance.

Now I suppose you could argue that your wireless carrier does this all the time with certain features of your phone. They put a layer bloatware over it that slows your system down to a degree. However if their bloatware prevented you from locking your phone then that would open them up to a massive lawsuit.

In any arena anywhere if you couldn’t lock something that is terms for a lawsuit some how. However this company doesn’t have an US address so that adds a whole level of complexity in getting this simple feature resolved. However if there is a suit brought internationally I suppose a US contingent could attach itself to that suit.

At the very least you could get your $799 back. If you were a guardian of mildly sensitive information and lost/stolen your device it could result to millions in damages arguably.

Excerpt from https://www.torhoermanlaw.com/defective_product_lawsuit/


It was promised that the update was coming out this month that would provide this functionality. Have you all finished developing this. The last promise for this functionality was August. It is September tomorrow.


New 1.9.1 firmware with pin lock!
Avalaible by OTA in Chinese.
Thanks to all the Onyx team!!!


I bought it in August from Amazon. It does not have a screen lock security feature.


it’s not yet available for the english version (we are told it should be available a week or so after the chinese version)

so you will have to update your device once the new firmware version is available