Max2 battery drain


Dear sir,

I owned a Max2 for a year.

Since day one the battery consumption is fast.

In the recent test with firmware 2.0 under battery saving mode and sleeping mode, wifi and bluetooth off, all 3rd party frozen in ice box, the battery dropped 8% within 6 hours.

I have IPAD generation 3 that can last 1 month when it is on airplane mode + sleeping mode. Please help.




read here, I fix same problem.
This solution works good also for FW 2.0


There is a known bug of V2.0 that sometimes the battery indicator display error. This bug will be fixed in V2.0.1.Please test your device after the V2.0.1 release.


Please fix Knote refresh bug!!!


When will v2.0.1 release be available?