Max2 HDMI Connection with USBC Hub Issues

I have been trying to connect my Max2Pro with latest firmware to my Mac computers. I can connect it to my Mac Mini through direct HDMI port without any issue, and it works pretty well in Text mode for word processing. However, when trying to connect to my Macbook 12" or the Mini through a USB-C hub (a Satechi HyperDrive) with HDMI out, the usually error messages appear for a moment on the Max2, as well as the monitor images, but then they all grey out, and I need to exit the Monitor app on the Max2.

Has anyone managed to use a USB-C hub with HDMI successfully to connect to Max2/3 on the Mac, and could you please list the model here, so I can get it?

Many thanks!

I have the same exact problem after the latest firmware update (2.2.1). On both my MacBook Air 13" and MacBook 12" with USB-C connections the Monitor app on the Boox Max2 Pro returns the “This device doesn’t support monitor function. OK” error window.

This was not a problem before with 2.1.2.


I just got it to work: try this

  1. Connect the Max2Pro HDMI cable to the Mac via the USB-C hub connection
  2. Connect the power connection on the Max2Pro to a wall socket
  3. With the Max2Pro Monitor app ON (yes, even when showing the error message…), REBOOT the Macintosh

This got my Mac to recognize the Max2Pro and vice versa with the new Boox firmware.

NB: For some voodoo reason, the Max2Pro monitor app only works with the power cable connected to the Max2Pro as well as the HDMI cable

Good luck!

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