Max2 Monitor Flashing

Whenever I try to use the Max2 as a monitor with my MacBook Pro, the screen flashes about once per second. Any idea what may be causing that? Thanks!

Hello,could you please take a video though facebook messanger or email to us.

Just sent it via Facebook Messenger.

I have send this issuer to Our technical team and talked about the problem you encountered, we will come up with a solution and help you fix it .Please don`t worry.

Thank you. The team on Messenger told me I needed to update MacOS to the latest version, but I am already running the latest version (10.13.3). Is there another solution?

I am also experiencing flashing while using the Onyx Monitor application on HDMI.

° In A2 (Fast) mode, the screen is pulsating “every heartbeat”, subtly but evidently;
° In normal, Greyscale Update mode, those displayed contents which are originally around colour #808080 (colour #808080 and its very close neighbours: it happens with #7f8180, but not with #7f7f7f or #828282), are flashing constantly, still in the rhythm of “every heartbeat”.

The effect is different from HDMI source to HDMI source. It is heavy and constant on my main desktop machine (Ubuntu based, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060); I saw it in early tests but could not reproduce it now on a new device (Ubuntu based, Intel NUC).

Here is an example during normal, Greyscale Update mode, showing a large area of #808080, in the centre of the screen, flashing (that salt-and-pepper noise texture is originally a flat #808080 area):


Update: I upgraded my MacBook Pro to 10.13.4 today and the issue persists.