Max2 Only working with usb charging plugged in

I have recently bought the Max2. Recently I can only use it when the micro usb cable is plugged in and connected. The display says it is 38% charged, when I unplug the usb, the Max2 stops responding completely and will not even power on/off. The power button just flashes red.

Is this a problem with the battery ?

I also can’t reset the Max2.

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How are you charging the Max2? Are you using a proper power charger? As far as I remember, you need at least 2A on the USB port.

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Hi Lorenz, pls try to reset your Max 2 according to the following steps:

To switch off the device firstly, and then long press the “back” button and insert the USB cable to charge at the same time, for about 5 seconds, the blue light glows, then release the “back” button, when the red light glows, enter into the recovery interface, to select “wipe data\factory reset – yes delet all user data - reboot”, which will be restore the factory default settings.

This will clear all the personal data (such as reading records, third-party app, system settings), but will not clear the files already stored in the storage.

  • to select up and down direction by page turn buttons, power button to enter/confirm;


I’ve just try this procedure and it works fine but all files stored in storage, like e-book, pdf, ecc… and personal notes they have been canceled!!!

Hi, I have a similar case
My max 2 worked great for many months, after a software upgrade it started freezing and wouldn’t restart until I plugged to USB power.
I finally decided to reset it but it keeps freezing.
I’ve noticed the light indicator is always red.
I’ve switched chargers and cables but no improvement.
Any advice?
If plugged continuously it doesn’t freeze and light is blue.

Sorry for the late reply here. Could you kindly submit this Service Request Form with all information needed? Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

I got the same issue.
Is there any solution other than resetting the device?
What is the reason for that? Is it a bug that can be fixed with an update? My device is updated and I just noticed the issue with the last update. Not sure if the update is the reason for that thu