Max2 Pro storage check - user interface problem

Hi, I spent almost an hour, without success, to find out how much storage has already been used on my Max2 Pro and how much storage is available. I just couldn’t find any settings etc that can provide such crucial information. The “Settings” only shows “Language”, “Date & Time”, “Power”, “Network”, “Password”, “Account”, “Application”, “Firmware Update”, and “Feedback”. I check each and every one of them and none of them gives the needed info. Could you help? Thank you!

A general remark: The Boox user interface is designed like a maze and the meanings of the symbols/icons are not intuitive. I suggest adding a pop-up text for each symbol/icon.

Hello, pj123,

This will not give you detailed information, but if you click on the icon for Storage on the main menu, at the bottom of the screen there is a general summary of how much memory is available out of the total. See photo.

There may be a better way inside the OS to find the data, but I don’t know of it.

Installing a third-party app like CCleaner will give you more detailed info on storage use.

I hope that is helpful.

Dear sweney, many thanks!