Max2 screen scratches terribly

Hi, I have the Max 2 and have found that after several days use the screen is very quickly becoming scratched and scored in normal use. Yes, I ALWAYS ensure that the screen has not dirt/grit or anything-at-all on it’s surface before use and that the supplied pen is clean too.

Surely this is a serious fault making the Max 2 unfit for use as intended. Will you address this problem and perhaps fit screen-protection during factory manufacture - or at the very least warn users that this occurs if a screen protector is not fitted immediately before use. Also of course you should supply several screen-protectors with the Max 2 as bought - as without them the screen is not fit for purpose and customers must surely have the right to return their Max 2 for a full refund

Informing the customer that the screen is fragile is not sufficient - when one buys other fragile goods the knowledge that it’s fragile isn’t the same as the product breaking as soon as it’s used for the purpose for which is has been advertised, bought and paid for.

Onyx - you need to address this problem before it becomes a big issue for you.

John B

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I believe ONYX treats international markets like the Chinese one, where if you buy a faulty product, its your problem, not the producer’s/seller’s.
This is morally wrong and although the problem was reported by numerous Onyx2 and Note users on different forums and on Amazon, Onyx did nothing to redress it.

My screen got scratched as well and despite reporting to Onyx, they ignored my complain. I had to pay 50€ more for 6 screen protectors, which are impossible to apply perfectly in a normal home environment because of dust particles in the air and the difficulty of matching the margins and the edges of the screen and of the plastic layer. Pushing the costs of your mistakes on me, after paying 800€ for a product that should have perfect hardware is outrageous. Really, we should ask for a return of the e-reader and a refund. Maybe Sony offers a better alternative after all.

This is not a minor issue. Look at the photograph of one buyer accusing the same weakness of the device:

Onyx, I will not buy any other of your e-readers from now on. Your behaviour is disrespectful.

Agree 100% - if I’d known this before I bought the Max 2 - that is, that there’s effectively no after-service from Onyx, or even an interest in their customers, I wouldn’t have bought one…

I’m working myself up to attempting to fit the 2nd of the two screen protectors that I bought when I bought the Max 2 - the first is on the Max 2 and has been since I opened the box - but it still has lots of bubbles beneath…

I suppose I’d better order another couple of protectors before I commit to trying to fit the second…

This bodes poorly for software updates also I think, or indeed any sort of help from Onyx at all.

Praying now that the device keeps working; goodness knows what happens if it develops a fault!

John B.

what screen protector are you using?

I am using Max2 without screen protector, and I do not see any scratch so far. To be honest, I use the pen occasionally, I do not write too much. Is it possible that you are pressing the pen too much?
Since it’s not a glass screen, I try to be very soft when using the pen.

Hi, I’m using the one bought from ereader store with my Max 2 - also bought from them.
Here’s a link -> Max 2 screen protector

It is perfect for the Max 2 - you don’t even know it’s there (apart from the dratted bubbles…) - I’d advise you to buy at least 2 or 3!
At least now I never worry about scratching the screen.

John B.

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Hi, yes I’d imagine the scratches are primarily from use of the stylus - but this is of course a note-taking device and specifically designed & sold to be use with a stylus as well as the usual touch interface.
No, I’m not pressing down too much - far less than with ‘normal’ writing in fact, as the screen is so responsive and indeed accurate.
If the screen had to be used with a very light touch that makes it especially fragile I wouldn’t have even consider purchasing one.

No problem at all with the protector fitted - you wouldn’t even know it was there - but my goodness - to sell the device/s unfit for use (as they are sold without a screen protector supplied or even fitted at the factory) ‘out of the box’ is to me anyway a disgrace.

Fantastic device - but this aspect is quite appalling to me.

John B.


I also use Max2 for note taking for 90% of time.

I’ve very light hand but some scratches are in fact visible.

Are this protector plastic (annoying bubbles) or glass film (bubbles-proof)?

Here a guide for applying the plastic sleeve (text 410 and the following discussion):

You can make most bubbles disappear. The bigger problem is that dust particles existing naturally in the air are getting under the screen layer, even as you try to apply it. And they can be seen with the eye, being inaesthetic especially under some light conditions. Besides, they can cause bubbles to stick around them for ever.

Hi, they’re thin plastic and really very nice. Yes I found it impossible to apply without bubbles - but this was my first-ever attempt so I wasn’t really surprised. Besides they honestly aren’t bothering me any more than a blemish on a piece of paper. I’ll certainly make an attempt having said that, to fit the next one more efficiently!
The bubbles are not effecting operation of the stylus at all though.

In my case, my Note’s screen doesn’t get scratched easily, however, If i apply too much (but reasonable) pressure on the screen, it leaves the mark and you can even feel it with your fingers. They do disappear (almost 100%) after a day or two. Now, I just watch the pressure and no problem.

I wouldn’t like to install a protector since it is just like writing on glass (the sensation, I mean) and cannot protect from what I said above.

Kind regards


There exist professional services to install protective films on mobile devices, equipped with different film types and plotters for cut. The shop I trust, for example, has always performed with perfect results.

like writing on glass (the sensation, I mean)

You have probably installed the wrong film.

I’d agree there mdp - the screen-protector I fitted to mine, bought from ereader store - feels exactly the same as the original unprotected screen. It feels absolutely nothing like glass.

John B.

Dears, for the new batches of Max 2, we will supply one screen protector film free of charge, we put it in the color box together with the device. If you need more, you could buy from Amazon:
We are working hard to improve the after-sale service, if you have any problem, please feel free to send us the email:, Thank you very much for your support.

I bought the Max 2 from Amazon a week ago and it came with the screen protector already on the screen (albeit it has some bubbles).

It is great that newer batches come with a screen protector now, but that doesn’t help those of us that purchased it before you provided screen protectors and now have scratched screens. What do we do?