Max2 still misses the most obvious feature: switching between notes and documents


I bought a Max 2 almost upon the release, and I have seen the firmware evolve quite a bit — and I am happy about that.

Yet, I am surprised how the dev team gets the most important, basic and obvious killer feature of this tablet completely wrong!

Like most other owners, I use Max to read and write. So, the most basic function that I need is to be able to switch back and forth, seamlessly, between an open note and an open PDF or ePub — without ever closing them.

The fact that I can’t do this right now, means I can either read on the tablet or write on it, but never both! So much for a 800-euro toy.

Do t get me wrong, I really like this device. But this feature is so obvious and so easy to get right, but I don’t know why it is constantly overlooked.

With the navigation ball, now we can switch to notes with two touches, but the notebooks don’t remain open. We can’t switch to NeoReader even using task manager!

It seems the dev team is going out of its way to make this impossible, because multitasking between any two other applications is now a breeze. The only trouble kids are notes and neoreader!

That’s what I really want to see in the next update. Then I can carry only my tablet for the meetings. I would like to have notes and reader shortcuts in the Nav ball, and the possibility to keep the documents and notes open, and switch between them with one or two taps. Preferably, even having long-press or multiple click shortcuts for them.

I am keeping hope!

Share your thoughts on the new firmware V2.1.1

Agree, the same about Note.
It would be great feature.
And add in the navigation ball “wifi transfer” to the apps.

Share your thoughts on the new firmware V2.1.1

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded this to our relative colleagues to follow up and hope this will be available in the next firmware update.


I’m totally agree. It is the most useful item to take advantage of the Max 2


I’m perfectly agree. Along with the ability to show two applications side by side, this will be the most useful improvement for Max2.


Couldn’t agree more,I have the same issue.
I just created a similar Topic for the Boox series, I would like to do the same between andoird apps /note apps/PDF/Epub.
Imo this is critical for usability.
Two applications side by side would also be great.