Max2 still misses the most obvious feature: switching between notes and documents

I am a bit disappointed that these features are not available yet.

“Max to read and write. So, the most basic function that I need is to be able to switch back and forth, seamlessly, between an open note and an open PDF or ePub — without ever closing them.”

“With the navigation ball, now we can switch to notes with two touches, but the notebooks don’t remain open. We can’t switch to NeoReader even using task manager!

“multitasking between any two other applications is now a breeze. The only trouble kids are notes and neoreader!”

“to show two applications side by side, this will be the most useful improvement for Max2.”

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I also totally agree. Especially with the background that sidenotes are now linked to book pages again in V2.1.2 which makes them kind of unusable…

I’m not very sure if I undestand you. In my device with 2.1.2 the side notes are linked to the whole book. I prefered a previous version (I think 2.1.0) where every book page had its own sidenote (even more than one sidenote page), so you could easily work with the notes of each page of the book. Now you must put a reference to the page of the book in the sidenote to wich page of the book belongs your notes.

Is there an option to config this issue?

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No there is not, and that is very confusing. The older version was 2.0.1.

I have read in another threads that you can choose the way sidenotes are linked, to everypage or to the whole document.

The path is in Neoreader settings (when Neoreader is open you can look for it in the wheel options.

“You could go to Settings-Global Settings-Sidenote date sync to make the sidenote is associated with the whole document or the pages. (The expression “Sidenote date sync” is not that accurate and we will correct that problem in the next firmware update. Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.)”


I have the same problem. Meanwhile, are there any news or workarounds?

Currently, I use just a blank PDF with 100 empty pages as “note” which is opened in a tab in the reader. However, that’s not as comfortable as the note app.

Same problem on NovaPro series. It would be useful to have neoreader available in recent apps.

Rather than using side notes on single books within neoreader, I often create notes through notes app. Because I am reading from several documents and want to write down on a note a synthesis of what I read from different sources (documents opened in neoreader). So, having the possibility to switch seamlessly between neoreader and notes (or in general between any recently open app) would be really useful

This may be directly implemented in a navigation ball shortcut. For example, (instead of going home, like default behavior) double tapping on the naviball icon goes to last opened app, in this case notes or neoreader. This way, the user might then jump between these two apps in a seamless manner. The user should be able to jump to the last opened note he was working on, and not to the notes library.
And in neoreader, the user should be able to jump to last opened document, not the library

By the way, there is an app in play store called Last app switcher that does just this switching, but unfortunately is of little help, since neoreader can’t be found in recent app list .


Same issue on this thread too

Totally agree! This is a must!

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Totally agree too, but another hugely small important feature missing that is sooooo easy to solve is when handwriting in onyx tool keyboard alternative to automatically include a space after each word and/or include two buttons, one for space and another one for new line!


Exactly. At the moment the Onyx engineers are clearly looking at their devices only as either a reader (with pdf highlights/squiggles/sidenotes) or a note-taking device. Never together.

Dear Onyx, please imagine a student who needs to work through a thick textbook and take notes that would get extended during lectures, exercises etc. That’s not a sidenote, that’s a separate notebook. At the moment your customers have to carry the $800 reader and physical notebook, and feel like idiots for performing the digital-to-analog copying. Also imagine how that would look for their classmates, who are your potential customers.

Now imagine those students could read their textbooks while switching to note app to take notes, in one click. Heck, maybe they could even share a highlight or a cropped screenshot to the clipboard, to be pasted where they want it in their notes. Wouldn’t all their classmates want such a device?


The lack of this feature is maddening! There’s no reason why Note and NeoReader cannot be shown in the multi-tasking window, in order to switch back and forth. This feels like a perverse sabotaging of the machine’s functions: it’s as if you had a car which you had to turn off the ignition before changing gears.
It makes you wonder if the software engineers even use their own product.


I already added this to my bugs and issue list in this thread:

This kind of lack of, or slow response to some key issues is what really kills me about Onyx. You have some really good hardware here hobbled by some minor, IMO, glitches/failings, And they won’t accept help from the community by opening up the software. The result, readers become obsolete before fixes/improvements are available. These guys could really explode in some sectors if they knew how to handle software development at a decent pace. As is, they seem destined to remain a relatively small-time operation.


I support this thought!

When readers become obsolete before fixes are available, you’re forced to buy the next reader just because it has a new android that finally fixes that one minor maddening thing. From Onyx’ perspective, what’s the problem?

So I’ve said this in other threads, but I’ve never rly replied here. I’ve had a pet theory about why these apps never show up in the multi-task menu. Not a reason because of course they should be in the multi-task menu, but a possible explanation for why they aren’t already.

So my theory is that NeoReader and the note app, as well as many other features accessible from the system sidebar, are basically encoded as functions of the system / skin, rather than traditional installed software. Notice how all the Google-play installed software shows up there, but not Onyx’s settings app, not Onyx’s file browser, etc. It’d be like expecting the notification shade to show up in the settings app - it’d take some real code refactoring and restructuring to make this behavior work if my theory is correct.

It’s kind of a shame, because it really showcases one of the wonkier design decisions made by Onyx software developers, if I’m correct. Someone would have had to see this issue coming.


I bought my Max 2, almost one year and a half ago. And I’m very disappointed because in this time, the software is worse and worse. These reasonable demands are not attended, and the last firmware is awful. My Books now freezes like never. So now I almost can’t use it. I don’t rely on it, because I fear I would lose my work for example taking notes in a talk, conference… Why don’t they adapt the firmware of the MAX 3 for the MAX 2? Have I wasted almost 1000 €? In this way, in a future (hoping at least 2-3 years more) I will not upgrade my Boox to another model.

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