Medium App (Access Essays from

I really like some of the material they have on Medium. It’s a site that I find worth paying the $5/month for to have access to their premium content and elimination of ads. Their app allows you to read content online, so you may need to have WiFi on when you open it. It doesn’t have page down options, so I scroll with my finger, but it is pretty accurate when it comes to scrolling. By this, I mean that it doesn’t just keep scrolling forever with awful screen refresh. The text comes out black, which makes it easy to read. The screen does blink after scrolling, to help remove the slight artifacts present when you scroll. It actually does ok without the blink/refresh, so I may look into ways to eliminate that effect. However, it’s a pretty quick refresh, and not incredibly distracting.

Since this is an e-reader, and Medium is all about reading, I thought it was appropriate.

Thank you for your suggestion.We will report it to our R&D team.