Medium App on BOOX nova pro

Can I install Medium App on BOOX nova pro 7.8, and work perfectly?

Why don’t you just try? Trying an app can’t harm your device. So just do it and see, if you like using the app on your Boox Nova or not.

Unfortunately I don’t have one now, I am excited to get one so I want to know if medium app will work fine or not?

I see. Apart from drawing apps, all non-animation-rich apps worked well for me. Since medium is a magazine app, It should work well on your future Onyx.

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I’ll add that if Medium is scrolling-based, it’ll work, but unless the guys at Onyx can magic up another software solution to mediate the update-speed of eink screens, then you’re going to have to choose between the heavy ghosting of x-mode, or the relative-lagginess of fast-mode. The apps always work, but whether or not they’re visually there is another question entirely.