Monitor Stopped Working, Chinese Keyboard Keeps Coming Back

Hello, I keep experiencing two big problems. It’s very frustrating.

  1. The External Monitor app worked fine at first but now when I try to open the app, nothing happens. The app does not open. How can I fix this?

  2. The keyboard has many problems. When I attach a USB keyboard, as I am typing, Chinese keeps turning on every time I press the space bar. It is VERY frustrating. How can I fix this??

Thank you to anyone who can help - I don’t want to return this device.

Good news - I figured out how to fix the #1 problem after reading more posts in this Forum. You need to make sure “Do Not Disturb” mode is off and then the monitor works fine again.

The Chinese keyboard turning on problem is still a problem though. – how can I permanently turn off the Chinese?

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I switched to Android Keyboard and this seemed to work much better than the default Onyx keyboard.

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I use swiftkey keyboard both on my phone and on Max2 (you need to select a high contrast skin, then it is quite usable).