Move Notes Between Boox Devices


I have both an Onyx Max 2 and Onyx Note 10.3. Both devices are set up to sync notes to my dropbox account. I’m trying to copy notes from one device to the other.

  1. I tried copying the notes from one devices folder in Dropbox to the other.
  2. I tried exporting the notes and copying the exported notes to the corresponding folder on the other device.
  3. I tried performing a local backup with the hope of moving the backup file to the other device to restore.

None of these worked.

Is there any way to migrate notes between Onyx Boox devices?


I forgot to mention that I could not find the local backup file to copy to the other device in order to restore, so it is possible that that could have worked.


Our R&D department is already working on this issue, please pay attention to our system update.