Multi-Task Switch Your recent screens appear here


Why don’t my notes I’m currently working on appear here?

Why doesn’t the book I’m currently reading appear here?

I would like to journal notes about a book I am reading and be able to 1-touch switch from the screen displaying my pdf I’m reading, 1-touch switch to my notes, write a sentence or two, then 1-touch return back to reading.

Currently from reading my book, I have to:
1.) Press the home icon
2.) Press the Note App icon
3.) Find the Note I was currently working on (3-8 second search)
4.) Press that note icon to open it up
5.) Write

To get back to my book I now have to:
1.) Press hardware HOME button
2.) Press Library icon
3.) Press book icon
4.) Resume reading

The ability to quickly toggle IMMEDIATELY back and forth between these two PRIMARY apps should be implemented. So very strange that all other apps and Windows appear on the “Recent Screens” EXCEPT for these two!!



Noted with thanks! This request has been forwarded to our relative colleagues to follow up already. We will keep you updated.


I would also very much like to see this feature implemented soon.
Having a shortcut to get back to what you are reading is of key importance, as well as getting back in a click to the note you were writing.


I also would like to see this feature implemented.
I was digging through the settings, and found that neoreader and notes are system apps.
I’m guessing this is the reason why they do not show up in the recent apps list?
Should be easy enough to find a work around right?