My new Boox Note doesn't have the V1.9.0 update


I recieved my new Boox Note just a couple days ago and I was disapointed to find it didn’t have the note features that comes with the V1.9.0 update. I can’t update the Note because it states that no new updates are availiable.
I tried to download the update to the Note in different ways, but nothing works. The only thing I haven’t tried is putting the update file in the “root” as I read somewhere that it was possible, but where is “root”?
Thank you!


Update: After a lot of googling, I found a comment on another Onyx Boox ereader about the same problem. This person solwed their problem by switching the language to english to try and update and it worked. So I also tried this, and it worked! So if you ever have problem with updates, check the language!