Navigation ball app disable on 2.2.1

I’m not a fan of navigation ball app and like to keep it off. On firmware V2.2.1. on Note pro Navigation ball app starts automatically at startup even though I set it to off everytime I turn on the device.
Since it can’t be deleted, is there any way of disabling it permanently?

I have the same issue on the Nova Pro after updating to 2.2.1. It keeps re-enabling itself when the device starts. I would have liked to downgrade the firmware back to 2.1.1 because of this but I can’t find the firmware. The downloads on the boox site only lists the latest version.

As user @juk pointed out:

1.Enable USB debugging & connect pc
2.Download SDK platform tools here 2
3.Extract & browse to the directory where you extracted
4.shift+right click & click ‘open command prompt here’
5.Now type the following in cmd
adb devices
adb shell
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.onyx.floatingbutton
{If you want the app back, -either perform factory reset or better backup the app before doing this & reinstall when you need it.}

I can confirm that it works.

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Thank you and @juk, it worked.
While we’re at it, is it possible to tinker around with debugging and disable automatic turning off of battery saver when connecting to power source (or pc). I like to always keep it on, because without it my battery drains way to fast and I don’t see any difference in performance while it is active.

Have forwarded this inconvenient function to our R&D team and hope it would be fixed in the near future.

Thank you very much @claire

How do I even disable it?

Hi, the navigation ball is actually an application. I was looking everywhere in the settings before to find it!!

Just to let the staff know that, me too as an user of Nova Pro, I strongly dislike having the Navigation ball all the time activated since the update.

The Navigation ball doesn’t bother me so much when I am using an application (I don’t do that so often), but it is bothering to see it when I am reading.

The other new features of the update are good imo.

Users could not disable nav ball now. With the new firmware update V2.2.2, this will be available.

Well noted with thanks. Nav problem will be fixed in the next firmware update.