Neo Reader crashes after downgrade from 2.0 to 1.9.1



I tried the 2.0 update and found various issues with it, so I ended up downgrading to 1.9.1, which has been working great. Now, however, I can’t seem to open the Neo Reader. It gives me a blank screen, then crashes when I try to switch out of it in the tab bar.

Any ideas on how I can get the Neo Reader to work again? Is there an APK that I can install or some settings I can reset?



The V2.0.1 will be released recently, I suggest you can update your device to the latest release then.


Sounds good. Thanks.

The main issue with 2.0 is that my custom writing app that worked fine with 1.9.1, flickers with a full screen refresh 2-4 times every time I move the cursor. It’s a simple webview, so nothing fancy. I tried Regal and A1 modes in the app optimization settings, but the issue remains.

The other issue is that I can no longer have my own app in the launch bar, so I have to open applications every time I need to launch it. There’s plenty of space on the left bar, so this shouldn’t be a limitation.

Oh, and it’d be great to disable titles on the left launch bar, because Set-tings broken over two lines looks pretty bad.

Thanks for keeping up the development, though. I’m looking forward to the next releases where these bugs are fixed.


Upgrade to firmware 2.0 and now 2.1 my Neoreader can’t higlight only a word from the text line; it select the entire text line. For accademic use is a very big problem. I want to downgrade, is there an APK? Can i downgrade in alternative way?


Maybe better create request about highlights in firmware 2.0.1? I agree that it is a sticky problem ((


Yes better, how can we do?


I was able to downgrade just by downloading the 1.9.1 APK and installing the update locally. It knocked out my Neo Reader, but I suspect if you do a factory reset, it might restore it back to what it was.