NeoReader 2 - FW 2.2.2 : dark area in 2 pages mode for PDF


Context : Max2 with the 2.2.2 firmware.

For the PDF files, in a 2 pages mode, there is a little bug. In the middle, there is an area, roughly 1 inch, that become more dark than the rest of the screen.

You can see an extreme situation when the font’s contrast is high and then value of ‘Embolden’ is high too. For normal PDF, it’s a problem, when you want a darker text (per example when it’s a colored text) because the text could be difficult to read.

The pictures show the situations and the setups.

I hope that a solution could be find.

Best regards.

P.S. : THANK YOU for the 2 page mode :sunny: :+1:












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Do you have a case that could be interfering with the reader?


I’m not sure to understand your question.

I have no other application running. I’ve only few APK installed.

The problem is for all PDF in 2 pages mode. No screen troubles. I’ve just installed ‘Librera’, there is no trouble in 2 pages mode for the same file.

Further : I use de the crop function in 2 pages mode. If I don’t do that, I have a white margin of 1 for each page (2 inches between pages) that doesn’t show the problem.

The problem is present with a new Note 2.

Could you kindly submit this bug on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

Hello Claire,

Sorry, by this way it’s not possible. My device has never seen Internet, like this it’s more easier for me to use my device in a professional context …

Have you a way to generate a file on the device that I can send you ?

I recall that a recent (bought 2 weeks ago) Note 2 has the same problem, I’ve seen it. You can probably reproduce the problem.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards.


About my device :

Android Version: 6.0.1
Version: 2019-12-30_15-00_2.2.2_1843383

Neo Reader v3.0
11857 - 8ff0837

Knote version
11616 - cdec3ae

Kernel Version
onyx@onyxUbuntu #3436
Sat Nov 23 19:03:37 CST 2019