NeoReader - how to share a citation from the app?


Nearly every browser and reader app has a feature to share the selected text to another app (e.g. Twitter, Evernote, etc). This is very useful when reading and collecting useful ideas from many different sources. From what I see, NeoReader cannot do that. Which is strange, as it is obviously geared towards professionals who take notes and annotate pdfs.

In my workflow as an academic researcher, this would work as follows:

  1. select text
  2. from the popup-menu with dictionary, highlighting etc, select the “share to” option that brings up the standard Android menu for sharing to an app (eg EverNote).
  3. The reader sends the selected excerpt PLUS the filename to the selected app.

As in the library, there should be an option of whether to use filenames or paper titles for this. I personally name my files with unique bibtex citation keys, so filenames would also give me a citation at once.

Why this is different from reading the whole thing, making all the highlights and exporting afterwards? That workflow is for long books. Sometimes I only need a citation or two from one source, and the above workflow takes too many clicks for just one citation.


We really appreciate you taking the time to make a good point about this situation. We will pass this feedback our R&D team to suggest making this procedure more convenient.