NeoReader - page turn left side to go to next page


Hello, hope everyone is well.

A quick question - is there a way I can configure NeoReader to go to the next page when the left side of the screen is touched instead of the right side? This is for reading text which goes from right to left (e.g. vertical text in chinese and japanese, possibly other right-to-left languages as well) And this needs to be a per document setting, not global for all documents.

For now, for pdf, what I do to work around this is, I print the document in reverse to another pdf, so that the first page becomes the last page and then I start reading from the last page.

But it will be much more convenient if there is a setting in NeoReader to control this. Please let me know if it already exists. If it doesn’t, could I suggest this to be considered to be put into the enhancement list? Thanks a lot in advance!